Book A Free Coaching Session With Scott, Where He Can Provide Some Valuable Marketing Insights To Help You Win New Clients!
The goal of our Free Coaching Call isn't to sign you up to anything. It's to add real value with advice and things you can implement that get you more bookings! Of course if you then decide you're interested in working with us further we can keep talking :) 
Scott Dance, Founder of and Salon Trainer
About Scott and
"Elevate Salon Marketing has worked with hundreds of salons in multiple countries. With we are teaching salon teams the best ways of winning new clients and increasing customer spend, that we've used and perfected over the past 12 years.  
So the phone coaching call is where I can learn about your business and offer advice from the experience I've acquired. To conclude I can then touch on our New-Client Accelerator Programme. 
The purpose of our chat is not for me to sign you up to anything. It's to offer real value to your business with great tips you can use to increase your bottom line!"
"We can`t speak highly enough of Elevate. The experienced team work tirelessly to ensure that they understand the needs and goals of our company; be it in salon training, customer service, regular reporting or recruiting the right kind of clients for our salons – they never fail to deliver."    Andy Phouli, Rush Salons Chairman
“We have tried many ways to increase our client numbers over the years but Elevate has proved to be, by far, the most effective. Unlike most other marketing companies, Elevate specifically target the kind of clients we
want to attract...."     
Alastair Taylor, Charlie Taylor Salons
"The past 4 months have been our most profitable due to our Elevate promotion! When Elevate approached me I was sceptical as have tried various advertising strategies and none have been that successful. ...
.......My business has improved and the clients have
been lovely."     Lara Wintle, Arena Hair Design
"A highly professional marketing outfit who delivered on their promise which was not only to attract new clients through our door (which is the easy part), but to provide a quality of clientele which thoroughly complemented our brand."     
Ben Kennedy, Nicky Clarke Salons
"Working with Elevate was one of the best decisions I ever made relating to marketing of my 5 Star Salon! Elevate have a very professional and dedicated team and in a very short space of time I was seeing new clients coming through the door."     Sandra Kotecha, Original Hair Studio
"Out of the 380 clients who have completed the promotion, we’ve currently had 110 clients re-book with us. We make around €40 average per client, but some will spend €60+ and some haven’t even completed the promotion yet!"     Valerie Cahill, Ikon Hair Design
"........a big success. 124 new clients, 372 bookings, 91 retails units also purchased, around £9870 in spend. So far we’ve had 53 (43%) of those clients book appointment 4, and then 22 of those have already booked visit number 5!  New revenue is at around £12,500 and growing."    
Ellie Carter, Carter & Shields 
".....extremely easy to work with, they guided us through the whole process......the programme boosted our sales and has gained us many new loyal customers. I would highly recommend this company."
Paula Griffin, Mane St Hairdressing
"Highly recommended and repeat business will ensure."
Adam Flint, Skin Health Spa Chain
"We have received 300 clients through their targeted campaign. We have found Elevate to be highly organized and professional supplying us with timely, accurate and relevant clients. I would highly recommend their services and their professionalism."    Mark Weston, Muse of London
Dom Panetta, Hair Salon Owner
Kirkcaldy, Scotland
Meet Dom!
Since training Dom and his Salon Manager on our New Client Accelerator Programme, in the first 5 weeks he has reached out to just a handful of his "Dream List" of local organisations via LinkedIn.

16 new clients booked so far and £1820 new revenue created... and growing weekly....

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